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Notes to remind myself that everything will sooner or later be just fine. 
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"Maybe today will be your big day and I hope that it is, but you don’t have to feel bad if it isn’t. Today doesn’t have to be perfect. It doesn’t have to be the day you change your life, the day you fix your problems, the day you start a new project, the day you heal, the day you win. Maybe today can just be the day you get out of bed or the day you are kinder to yourself than you were yesterday. Today doesn’t have to be everything. It just has to be today. It’s enough. It’s okay. There will be other days. There will be other chances. Until then, just enjoy this one as much as you can."
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Note to self: crying doesn’t make you weak
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theinexperiencedmusic: get well soon~~ praying for you

Thank you!!

too--old--to--die--young: I can't say I know how you feel, because Ive never lost someone that close to me. It'll always be hard, I can truthfully say that, but your mom tried, she did. & Both your mom and dad would be amazed at how far you have came. After all youve been through, youre still here and youre still doing amazing things with your life, and everyone who knows you is proud. I wouldnt have been able to do it. Your strength is amazing, Sometimes it is okay to break down and be weak sweetheart, youll pull up ❤️

Wow thank you so much. That means a lot, especially right now. So thank you!


I made an old lady blush today at work because she ordered two senior coffees and I said “SENIOR ? I’m sorry miss, i’m going to have to ask to see some ID.” and she covered her mouth and went “Oh dear me” and couldn’t stop smiling

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